Friday, 15 March 2013

GOD OF HAIR Why celebrity stylist Jie Matar believes that spring is the most happy time of the calendar year:

Celebrity hair stylist Jie Matar has a big tip for anyone wanting to look fabulous for spring : “The trend today is shorter hair.  A lot of fashionistas are wearing their hair shorter.  We see it on the runway, on the Red Carpet, at the Grammy’s,  the Oscar's and on fashion magazine covers.  Now we are going to celebrate the “sunrise hair cut” and “sunset hair cut” – these are the 2 major hair cuts that Jie produced this season.  This is a great way to expose bone structure and make people look like they were on a diet cleanse.  I agree long hair is sexy, but shorter hair allows us to see the neck and shoulders and bone structure, instead of being covered, like a shmata.”  

Take a leaf out of the Anne Hathaway playbook and cut your hair short. Real short.  “Everyone is wearing their hair shorter,” says Jie, “the Pixie Look is back--pixie with personality.” Hathaway, of course, cut her long lustrous brunette tresses to play Fantine in Les Miserables, and she kept her hair cropped close after the cameras stopped rolling because “The Look” clearly made her feel the polar opposite of “miz.” It made her feel, and look, “smokin’ hot.” When she gets the Oscar, as expected, on February 24th she’ll really look sizzling in her new boyish bob. 

Hollywood’s hottest women seem to be following Hathaway’s lead.  “Look at what’s happening on the Red Carpet”, notes Jie. “Everyone who’s chic and hip is wearing their hair shorter--Meg Ryan, Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Michelle Williams, everybody.” And those who persist in wearing their hair “big” are perceived by Jie to be passé. “Beyonce looked so ‘dated’ at the Super Bowl,” he notes, “way too aggressive.” 

“Long hair can sometimes present more sex appeal to a man.  Long hair is becoming like a walking broom, like Rapunzel on ecstasy in an evil way, or the Adam’s Family, or L.A. Juicy Couture.  It’s like going to a party and valet parking, but coming out of your car wearing slippers.  In L.A. everyone looks the same.  L.A. sometimes gives the wrong idea to fashion; L.A. disturbs the happy fashion action. Look at how chic Paris France always is- just like a tailored suit or a fitted shirt, or a sexy dress.  In L.A., all we see is long, shamata hair.  We’ve seen it for 10 years- it has no life, it just hangs on the shoulders like a broom.  Long hair doesn’t look good on everyone.  A woman must be young, tall, fresh, and crispy.  She needs to be the right height, have the right body proportion, and the right bone structure for long hair to look good.  We are also seeing too many people with extensions.  They can look good on high school girls.”  Now Jie enjoys seeing the neck.

For men, sporting a little bed head is “The Look” for 2013. A guy’s hair should be slightly messy but his body should be tight, lean and trim. “No one parts their hair anymore, believe me,” argues Jie. “Guys walk into their Wall Street offices looking like they just woke up, it’s terrific.”

In spring people are looking for renewal. It’s Jie's suggestion for looking fabulous in spring. Get an Anne Hathaway makeover. Because spring is in the Hair.

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